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SUSAN AEY MD, NPI 1295737492

Internal Medicine in SALEM, OH

Last Updated on : Jul 08,2007

About SUSAN AEY (NPI 1295737492)

SUSAN AEY is an Internal Medicine provider in SALEM, United States. Her medical specialization is Internal Medicine .

1295737492 is NPI number of SUSAN AEY.

SUSAN AEY's primary taxonomy code based on NPI Lookup is 207R00000X with license number 35074968. This taxonomy code refers to Internal Medicine.

SUSAN AEY has more than 16 years of experience.

SUSAN AEY current practice location address is 564 E 2ND ST, SALEM, OH. SUSAN AEY can be reached out via phone at 330-332-5232 and via fax at 330-332-4771 .

You can also correspond with SUSAN AEY through mail at mailing address 564 E 2ND ST, SALEM, OH, United States. Mailing address contact number is 330-332-5232.

The enumeration date of SUSAN AEY is 01-Jun-2005. The provider is registered as an Individual and the NPI record was last updated 15 years ago.

1295737492 NPI Information

National Provider Id (NPI) 1295737492
Entity Type Individual
Gender F
Credential MD
Practice Address 564 E 2ND ST,
SALEM, OH, United States
Practice Telephone 330-332-5232
Practice Fax Number 330-332-4771
Mailing Address 564 E 2ND ST ,
SALEM, OH, United States
Mailing Telephone 330-332-5232
Mailing Fax Number 330-332-4771
Enumeration Date 01-Jun-2005
Last Updated Date 08-Jul-2007

SUSAN AEY (NPI 1295737492) Primary Taxonomy Information

Primary Taxonomy Code Clasification License Number License State
Y 207R00000X Internal Medicine 35074968 OH

Additional Identifiers

Identifier Type/Code Identifier State Identifier Issuer
2155813 MEDICAID (05) OH
AE0873782 MEDICARE ID-Type Unspecified (04) OH

SUSAN AEY (NPI 1295737492) Office Location

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Whose NPI Number is 1295737492?

1295737492 is the NPI number of SUSAN AEY.

What is the specialty for SUSAN AEY?

The Specialty of SUSAN AEY is Internal Medicine.

NPI number meaning

Field Name Field Value
NPI 10-position all-numeric identification number assigned by the NPS to uniquely identify a health care provider.
Entity Type Code describing the type of health care provider that is being assigned an NPI. Codes are:
  • 1 = (Person): individual human being who furnishes health care;
  • 2 = (Non-person): entity other than an individual human being that furnishes health care (for example, hospital, SNF, hospital subunit, pharmacy, or HMO).
Provider Business Mailing Address The mailing address of the provider being identified contains First line, Second Line, City name, State name, Postal code, and Country code.
Provider Business Mailing Address Telephone Number The telephone number associated with mailing address of the provider being identified. This data element may contain the same information as "Provider location address telephone number".
Provider Business Mailing Address Fax Number The fax number associated with the mailing address of the provider being identified. This data element may contain the same information as ''Provider location address fax number''.
Provider Business Practice Location Address Telephone Number The telephone number associated with the location address of the provider being identified.
Provider Business Practice Location Address Fax Number The fax number associated with the location address of the provider being identified.
Provider Enumeration Date The date the provider was assigned a unique identifier (assigned an NPI).
Last Update Date The date that a record was last updated or changed.
Authorized Official Telephone Number The 10-position telephone number of the authorized official.
Healthcare Provider Taxonomy Code The Health Care Provider Taxonomy code is a unique alphanumeric code, ten characters in length. The code set is structured into three distinct "Levels" including Provider Type, Classification, and Area of Specialization.
Healthcare Provider Taxonomy Taxonomy Description of the Healthcare Provider.
Provider License Number Certain taxonomy selections will require you to enter your license number and the state where the license was issued. Select Foreign Country in the state drop down box if the license was issued outside of United States. The License Number field allows the following special characters: ampersand, apostrophe, colon, comma, forward slash, hyphen, left and right parentheses, period, pound sign, quotation mark, and semi-colon. A field cannot contain all special characters. DO NOT report the Social Security Number (SSN), IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) in this section.
Provider License Number State Code Provider License Number State Code #1
Healthcare Provider Primary Taxonomy Switch Primary Taxonomy:
  • X - The primary taxonomy switch is Not Answered;
  • Y - The taxonomy is the primary taxonomy (there can be only one per NPI record);
  • N - The taxonomy is not the primary taxonomy.
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